Publications in 2015

Original Articles

Takahiro Shirahata*, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura**, Shizuo Fujita, and Hiroyuki Orita*
(*Toshima Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation, **Kochi University of Technology)
``Transparent conductive zinc-oxide-based films grown at low temperature by mist chemical vapor deposition"
Thin Solid Films, Vol.597, pp.30-38, Dec. 2015.

Kentaro Kaneko, Yoshito Ito, Takayuki Uchida and Shizuo Fujita
``Growth and metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors of corundum-structured alpha indium oxide semiconductors"
Applied Physics Express, Vol.8, No.9, 095503(4 pages), Sept. 2015.

Sam-Dong Lee, Yoshito Ito, Kentaro Kaneko, and Shizuo Fujita
``Enhanced thermal stability of alpha gallium oxide films supported by aluminum doping"
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.54, No.3, 030301(4 pages), Mar. 2015.

Kazuaki Akaiwa, Kentaro Kaneko, Shizuo Fujita, Ekaterina Chikoidze*, and Yves Dumont*
(*Versailles University)
``Room temperature ferromagnetism in conducting α-(In1-xFex)2O3 alloy films"
Applied Physics Letters, Vol.106, No.6, 062405(4 pages), Feb. 2015. Reviews

Shizuo Fujita
``Wide-bandgap semiconductor materials: For their full bloom"
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.54, No.3, 030101(12 pages) Mar. 2015.