Research Strategy

Innovation with Science ane Technology for Future Earth

Our fruitful daily life has significantly been indebted to the innovation in semiconductor materials. At the same time we are facing the severe problems of the environment. It is our duty to establish technological breakthroughs which not only to further enrich our life but also to protect the environmental degradation of our planet.

We are reluctant to depend on toxic materials such as arsenic and phospholous in semiconductors. Oxide semiconductors, on the other hand, may be developed as environmental friendly and stable device materials. We should be aware of the depletion of rare metals such as indium, nickel, bismuth, and so on, which have widely been used in various devices. We are requested to develop the substitute materials. We are pleased to invite new technologies for semiconductor growth and processing which are safe and friendly to environment and to workers. Our goal is " Green Innovation with Green Materials by Green Chemistry"